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Friday, February 10, 2012

Rare good news for indie bookstore

A Glad Day for Glad Day Bookshop

In a rare bit of good news for independent bookstores, money-troubled LGBTQ landmark Glad Day Bookshop has found a group of loyal buyers from the community.

Glad Day's banner.

Sad faces abounded last December when John Scythe, owner of Glad Day Bookshop, announced that low sales had forced him to put the beloved LGBTQ book store up for sale. Today, an announcement turned those frowns upside down. A group of local Torontonians faithful to the history of the iconic store have banded together to buy the business.

“As individuals, none of us are rich. But collectively, there will be over 20 of us in the end, and we can pull it off,” said Michael Erickson, who spearheaded the purchase, which has yet to be finalized. He wouldn’t disclose the value of the deal.

Erickson is by profession a high-school teacher at Harbord Collegiate, where he specializes in English and Creative Writing, but the rest of the buyers are an eclectic mix of lawyers, government workers, playwrights, musicians, community activists, even former Glad Day employees. Charles Smith, 23, is the group’s youngest investor.      READ THE FULL STORY

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