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Monday, February 13, 2012

British Library now has an ARTIST in residence

What, pray, does this have to do with books?

From the BBC

The British Library has appointed its first artist-in-residence - a performer who will create a new character based on his research into hypnotism.

Actor, writer, cabaret artist and hypnotherapist Christopher Green will delve into library arts and medical collections as well as other material.

In October, he will reveal a character to "confound, amaze, heal and entertain" in a show at the library.

The institution wants to encourage artists to be inspired by its material.

As part of the residency, funded by research and education supporter The Leverhulme Trust, Green will also present "show-and-tell" demonstrations of his research in May and September.

The performer - whose comic creations include Radio 4 star and country music singer Tina C - said he would search through library collections, "plundering and plucking shiny objects that grab my attention".

Does the British Library have a WRITER in residence?  Yes, it does.  But he or she must be writing/researching in the field of North American studies ...

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