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Monday, February 20, 2012

New service for self-published eBooks

This is a new way to jump on the bandwagon

Perseus Books has started a marketing and distribution service for authors of self-published eBooks.


The revenue split is exciting -- the author gets 70% and the distributor keeps hold of the rest.

Unfortunately, you have to have an agent in the link.  This new service is available only to authors who are represented by an agent who has put his or her name on the dotted line, and agreed to an arrangement with Perseus.

Otherwise, it sounds great.  David Steinberger of Perseus told The New York Times that, "We have heard from authors that they may have a book that's never been published, but it doesn't fit what their existing publisher is looking for."

Curtis Brown, one of the agencies that has signed up to the arrangement, said through Tim Knowlton that this was an appealing option for authors whose books had gone out of print or books for which the author had retained the eRights.

"For any book that has potential for significant sales," he said, "it's going to be a good opportunity."

All you need is to explore ....

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