mobydickcover has put together a list of one-star reviews of Herman Melville‘s classic novel Moby Dick. At the time of writing this post, the book averages four stars with 939 total reviews. That includes 530 five-star reviews, 154 four-star reviews, 107 three-star reviews, 73 two-star reviews and 75 one-star reviews.

Here are some of the reviews highlighted on, taken from Amazon exactly how they were written.
i personally didn’t enjoy the philosophical or deep side of the book, i have read much much better books in that regard. 
It is 540somepages of boring whaling details. 
I think if you made it into a short comic strip, you would have liked it. 
There is no suspense, and I find the idea of people hunting whales offensive. Offensive with a capital O. 
No wonder Melville flopped as a writter.
OMG, this is tedious and torture to read.

I like the last one.  It's exactly the way I feel about quite a number of mega-bestsellers and a few major literary prizewinners, too ...