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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Merger of digital companies


Godengo purchases Texterity.

Godengo, a web software company for publishers, has purchased Texterity, a producer of digital magazines like Meredith, Rodale and the Harvard Business Review.

Godengo is an industry leader in content management systems, the software that publishers use to distribute their content online, while Texterity makes digital editions of those publishers' print products, as well as mobile applications.

In combining those products, the companies argue that they have created "the first unified platform that's focused on helping publishers leverage digital, web and mobile media."

Godengo and Texterity have complementary expertise, specializations and cultures, and together we'll offer a level of functionality and flexibility to clients that is well beyond anything currently in the marketplace," Peter Stilson, Godengo's president and CEO, said in a statement.

The combined company will serve more than 1,200 magazine titles owned by more than 500 publishers. Stilson will be CEO of the company, and Carl Scholz, president of Texterity, will be its president.

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