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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amazon and the DOJ action

Jeff Bezos Should Send Eric Holder a Christmas Card

Says Tim Carmody on WiredOpinion
"I can imagine Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in Seattle this morning, reading the Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit on a gigantic Kindle Fire XL prototype, and grinning ear to ear, savoring every word," he begins.
"Officially," Carmody goes on, "Amazon’s response to today’s news is fairly measured. “This is a big win for Kindle owners, and we look forward to being allowed to lower prices on more Kindle books,” writes Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener in an e-mail."
But if it’s “a big win for Kindle owners,” as he goes on to demonstrate, it’s an even mightier win for Amazon.

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Eric Holder (pictured) is the current Attorney General of the United States.

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