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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rambles in the bookselling world

After lunch, I ran into Bridget Kinsella—who was wearing a Shelf Awareness badge. "Oh!" I said as she walked by. I've read Bridget's work in Publisher's Weekly for years. I don't know her enough to talk to her. But she stopped when she heard my outburst and we chatted a bit. That's when she told me Publishers Weekly had given her the heave-ho after 15 years. She's working for Shelf until she gets a "real job" (her words).

Thus runs a tidbit from the long and outstandingly interesting blog written at the recent bookfest staged by the NCIBA -- Northern California Independent Booksellers' Association -- by CEO of Beaglebay Books, Jacqueline Church Simonds (pictured right, with Clare Bell, author of Ratha's Courage, and Joel Mikesell of Cypress House).

Read all about it here.


rathacat said...

Hi Joan,

Thanks for posting this. The little critter on the table was also one of my creations.

World of the Written Word said...

You're a clever Clare! Did you see my earlier post? Inspiring story of sponsorship? There is a picture of you with a cute critter in that one, too. Kia ora, Joan

rathacat said...

Oh yes, I definitely did. Thank you so much!


World of the Written Word said...

Isn't it great to have a conversation via blog? A new experience for me! Kia ora, Joan