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Friday, November 30, 2012

How did they know my name?

Today I received two flyers.

One wanted me to buy a rugby concession ticket, and the other invited me to a supermarket shopping spree.

The difference from the usual mailbox flyer was that they were both headed with my name.

So, how did they know my name is Joan?

Well, it was computer generated, of course.  But it wasn't like that in the old days.

It reminded me (once again) of a particularly dim boyfriend of one of my house mates, back in my youth.  We used to wait for his hilarious pronouncements, such as the suggestion to go to a drive-in movie on a brilliantly sunny afternoon.  But the largest grin occurred the day when I was drinking coffee out of a mug with my name on it.

He said, "Hey, Joan."


"Your mug has your name on it."

I turned it round, had a good look, and said, "So it has."

"Where did you get it?"

"At the supermarket."

"Wow."  Pause for wonderment. "That's amazing.  But how did they know your name is Joan?" 

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