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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lousy Book Covers

Everyone is talking about it

There is a hilarious new blog, called Lousy Book Covers, in which the commentary is as amusing as the author-designed jackets chosen by the blogger for each day's featured post.

It's well worth a scan, for the grin.  And there are some truly awful covers there.  But the one featured below?

"Take Back Tomorrow, and see if you can get a refund," suggests the blogger.

Question from me.  I actually rather like the graphic, which seems quite compelling, so why the thumbs down?

Tips from experts most welcome.


Allan said...

Are there any booklike Kindle covers for protection? I do not want stalkers to see my device and would want to portray it like a book. How much such book cases cost?

World of the Written Word said...

I was in the security check in an airport behind a guy who had his laptop disguised like that. I asked him how he did it, and he said you can buy stickers. I have regular covers on our kindle and mini iPad, but have put stickers on them, so they look like butterfly albums. Even if it is still obvious what the cover is covering, I figure a stalker wouldn't want to be seen carrying off a butterfly album.