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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Google getting a makeover

From the BBC

Google search home page revamp promotes other services

Google screenshot Google's pull-down menus should help highlight the firm's non-core search services to users
Google is rolling out one of its biggest home page changes to date.

The revamp strips its front page of the black bar that currently runs horizontally along its top, and replaces it with a grey logo.

When clicked or highlighted, it reveals seven alternative services to the site's search page with an option to reveal a further eight.

Analysts said the move was designed to promote more of the firm's businesses without cluttering its webpage.

The new look, which was first announced last year, is only being offered to a limited number of users at the moment.

A spokesman for Google said that the roll-out is designed to improve the user experience.

"Constant revision and improvement is part of our overarching philosophy," he said.

(It also justifies a lot of very highly paid jobs)

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