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Monday, January 9, 2012

eBooks with added content

Tablet vs. Simple Touch

I've been having a fascinating conversation with eNovelist Shayne Parkinson about reading books on tablets, which offer all those enticing (and very distracting) apps. 

She loves her tablet, she says, and when she reads, she just reads (more self-control than I have, I strongly suspect).  When she is not reading, she can use her tablet for a multitude of extras -- writing notes to herself, checking e-mail, updating a grocery shopping list, or just as a plain old phone.

Now I find on that a publishing company has held a survey of readers asking if they would be prepared to pay more, just to be able to read a book on a gadget that offers all those extras listed by Shayne.  The company is Cathedral Rock Publishing.  It's a small survey, but surprisingly positive.  And yes, eBook readers strongly support gadgets with additionals, such as audio and video, and are willing to pay more to get what they want.

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