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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Stamp for NZ-born Russell Crowe

This is news to have any publicist licking his lips:  the big buzz today is that the Australian postal service is releasing a set of stamps featuring actor Russell Crowe in his latest role as Robin Hood.

Amusingly, every newpaper points out that Crowe was born in New Zealand.  Well, the Australians have stolen just about everything else kiwi that could be labelled "iconic", from pavlova to racehorses to rugby league players. Additionally, Crowe became an official Aussie in 2006, which makes one wonder what happened that year.  But never mind, he mumbled his way through Master and Commander marvellously enough for the nation to forgive him.  And he has two cousins who have played cricket for New Zealand.

More pertinently, one also wonders how the Ridley Scott-directed movie snared this enviable publicity.  Could the same be done for books?

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