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Thursday, May 27, 2010


A US bestseller charting the financial crisis, by firsttime author Andrew Ross Sorkin (pictured) is one of the list of six.  The others include a treatise on North Korea, a maths-made-simple book, a description of the life of King Charles II, a fishing and coming of age book, and a look at cooking and cavemen.

The list:

Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea, but Barbara Demick
Blood Knots, by Luke Jennings
A Gambling Man, by Jenny Uglow
Alex's Adventures in Numberland, by Alex Bellos
Too Big to Fail, by Andrew Ross Sorkin
Catching Fire: How Cooking Made us Human, by Richard Wrangham

Evan Davis, chairman of the judges, said that the shortlist was "an extraordinarily eclectic" collection.  "Perhaps the only common feature of these books is the passion and sheer enthusiasm of the authors for their subjects."
In my experience, that can be said of all good nonfiction writers.

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