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Sunday, December 26, 2010

That "Alix Bosco" theory

Greg McGee addresses the rumor that he is the enigmatic author Alix Bosco

Well, there's another theory blown out of the water.

In a very well-crafted column in the latest issue of Booknotes, (the newsletter of the New Zealand Book Council), well-known playwright Greg McGee reviews the crime fiction on his bedside table.

"I've been flattered by a rumour that I am Alix Bosco," he remarks, Bosco being the pseudonymous author of Cut and Run, and winner of the inaugural Ngaio Marsh Award.

McGee knows the book well, as he is one of the team that is working it up for TV, and, he says, "can vouch for it as a beautifully structured whodunit.  I thought," he adds thoughtfully, "I should read Bosco's follow up, to see if I should still be flattered."  And lo, he proceeds to review this second book, Slaughter Falls, in succinct, thoughtful prose.

Well, he decides at the end, he is still flattered, but not, alas, "as flattered as I'd be if I'd been mistaken for Justin Cartwright," author of To Heaven By Water.

Love that sense of humor!  And cause for thought, as well.  If you, dear reader, had a chance to be mistaken for some famous, infamous, or moderately known writer, which writer would you choose? 

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