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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

NZ Prime Minister fails to pick up when Trump calls


Donald Trump tried to phone New Zealand's prime minister yesterday.  For what reason?  Who knows?  Mr. Key is in the middle of an earthquake clean-up (and was in Cabinet at the time) so he's a little busy, thank you very much.  Accordingly, he missed the call, which he says he will make up for ASAP.

Let's hope Mr. Trump does not make New Zealand pay, and pay, and pay for a perceived insult ...

Also, perhaps, of American interest, is that 700 tourists who were stranded in Kaikoura, a tourist mecca (think "whale watching, swimming with dolphins, worldclass seafood") found a refuge at the local marae.  Maori hospitality is famous, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Maybe an uncomfortable interlude in their vacation, but one they will remember for ever.  Maybe some who thought otherwise in the past will think a little differently about multi-cultural societies from now on ...

The New Zealand navy is coming to the rescue, and helicopters have been ferrying people out.  Some, indeed, have had the experience of being rescued by our ex-All Blacks captain, Richie McCaw.

China has contributed helicopters to the rescue, focusing on their nationals.  New Zealand is happy to take care of the rest.

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