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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Second 19th century shipwreck located off W. Australia

From Old Salt Blog

MH370 Search Locates 1800s Shipwreck


More than 80,000 square kilometers (30,000 square miles) of the seafloor in the Indian Ocean west of Australia have been searched, looking for where Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is believed to have crashed with 239 people aboard in March 2014.

So far, they have not located the missing the Boeing 777, but in December, they did find the wreckage of a ship, believed to date from the 1800s. The Australian Joint Agency Coordination Centre, the agency directing the search for the plane, sent out a second ship to take a closer look at the shipwreck using and an underwater drone. Experts at the Shipwreck Galleries of the Western Australian Museum have said the wreckage is probably a ship made of steel or iron from mid-to-late 19th century or possibly the early 20th century.

This is the second shipwreck located in the search for flight MH370. In May of last year, another shipwreck believed to dated from the 19th century was also located and scanned by underwater drones. The two shipwrecks located will, in all likelihood, not be investigated further as they are both in water over 12,000 feet deep.

MH370 searchers find uncharted shipwreck

Thanks to Alaric Bond and Phil Leon for contributing to this post

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