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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trends in the year's bestsellers

From Digital Bookworld

Another year of Amazon dominating book sales in the U.S.; another list of the big winners that benefitted: Amazon's top-twenty best-selling books of 2013.

For those involved in the industry, there's more to the list than big name authors and best-selling titles:

1. Ebooks are big winners: For only one out of the 20 books on the list did print Amazon purchases outsell Kindle books.

2. Penguin Random House dominates: The big publisher had nine of the 20 best-sellers - and seven of the top ten.

3. Self-published trumps Amazon: There were three self-published titles on the list (another testament to the power of ebook distribution), but no titles from Amazon Publishing.

Complete top-twenty best-sellers list.

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