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Friday, December 13, 2013


This is really poetic ...

Today, says Lindsay, I'm giving this tool box away (just the empty tool box - I'm keeping everything that was in it)...

This tool box isn't just an old tool box, in fact it was bought brand new halfway through this year at the beginning of the Infinera project.

It carried just about everything I needed to build up an Infinera shelf which included......

- A battery drill
- Two batteries (note neither of the batteries were plugged into the battery drill during transport - CAA requirement - also the batteries weren't Lithium Ion batteries - another CAA requirement)
- The battery charger for the battery drill
- Drill bits of random sizes
- A labelling machine
- Label cartridges
- Battery Charger for the labelling machine
- A small mini but very comprehensive socket set.
- A mini deep socket set, ratchet, and extension piece
- 12 screw drivers
- 5 pairs of pliers and cutters of different types
- Wire strippers
- 5 pairs of crimpers of different types
- A knife and spare blades
- Patch cords, cable ties, Velcro, cage nuts, crimp lugs
- Plus other some other stuff.

After packing the tool box, it weighed just under 23 KGs. Oh wait... No, it once weighed 23.1 KGs, so I had to take an extra patch cord in my carry on baggage while the, now, 22.9 KG toolbox went into the haul.

It didn't carry anything dangerous or flammable. no, It didn't carry any cans of CRC. No, it didn't have a butane torch, or even a cigarette lighter. And yes, the batteries are Nickel-Cadmium batteries which weren't plugged into the battery drill during transit. Someone from Christchurch can vouch for that, she will also add how well organised this toolbox was.

It's been to Christchurch (via a Queenstown diversion) for some exchange work, to Palmerston North a number of times as we built three sites there, then to Napier (via Auckland), once for the exchange build work, and then for the Infinera, it's been to Gisborne (via Auckland) for an exchange build, and to Wellington, and finally, it went for a trip to Wellington via Nelson.

As it just flew under 40 sectors (oh the joys of most Hamilton flights going through Auckland), the handle got a bit tired. It popped out on me three times. I also know of a time when the handle popped out on a baggage handler (I was standing on the other side of the aircraft when it happened) and then it broke, but that just meant carrying the toolbox with both hands.

 It's been a good toolbox, I'm sure the friendly staff from Air NZ would agree, especially the rampies. But it's time to hand the tool box on...

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