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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Twitter is going nuts.  According to political commentator Huffington Post, there is convincing evidence that George W. Bush plagiarized from other books when he wrote his own memoir.

"George Bush Book 'Decision Points' Lifted Passages From Advisers' Books," runs the headline.

When Crown Publishers signed on the dotted line, they expected "gripping never-before-heard detail" about key moments of the former president's tenure in the White House, but instead got a collection of anecdotes scooped from previously published memoirs written by subordinates.

For instance, there is a touching little tale from Karzai's inauguration.  Unfortunately, GWB wasn't there.

Ironically, he also appears to have swiped passages from critical accounts of his presidency, such as those by Bob Woodward and Robert Draper.

If true, Bush joins august company.  According to gawker.comTony Blair, that famous plagiarist, scooped his account of his conversation with Queen Elizabeth from the film The Queen, which he claims he has never seen. Apparently, he "remembers" it word-for-word, though the conversation actually only existed in the screenwriter's imagination.

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