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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reactions to my posts on the threat posed by the SS Management Bill ...

Excuses, excuses -- but a good one, this time.

The silence from this end has been because I have been tackling the mountain of mail that has come internationally, as well as from New Zealand readers, as a result of my posts on the State Sector Management Bill and serious concerns about the loss of the independence of the National Library of New Zealand, with the Alexander Turnbull Library.

Some have gone so far to say that they are so alarmed by the prospective legislative changes that they have decided not to donate their precious collections of New Zealand artifacts and books to the Turnbull.

Others ask why the Government appears to be determined to make government departments bigger, not smaller.  This is counter to trends overseas, and cost-savings, dubious as they are, cannot be the whole reason. 

Another correspondent has observed that linking digital technology between branches of the Department of Internal Affairs seems downright dangerous, when censorship is part of the same department.

If any of my links lead to the message "expired search," just persist by prodding links on the site.  The information is still available, though it might have been removed from the front window, as it were.

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