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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


As I reported earlier, a water pipe breakage and a collapsed ceiling led to a state of emergency at Wellington's favorite indie bookstore, Unity Books.

Staff worked on into the wee hours. volunteers turned up, and food and coffee were sent in, while books and display cabinets were salvaged.

Now, as the Dominion Post reports today (see above), Unity has reopened after the four-day pipe disaster.

Owner Tilly Lloyd said insurance would cover building damage and all of the books that were destroyed, but obviously there are costs. "January was really tracking well," she said, "but we will be OK. You can't do anything about the loss of revenue when a disaster strikes except get back on your feet fast, which we've managed to do."

Staff had done "an incredible job" of salvaging as many books as possible.  Worst hit were children's science fiction and crime fiction, but book buyers were re-ordering, and suppliers are responding fast.

"I'm feeling quite upbeat and positive, considering.  It's terrible that something like this happened, but the support from everyone has been great."

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