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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Responding to blog posts

A blog post, ideally, leads to a lively and interesting discussion, so every now and then I get frustrated when one of my posts leads to a lively and interesting discussion -- on Facebook!  What should I do?  Copy the discussion into another post? Ask the lovely people to comment on the blog instead?  I asked this question, and got a lively and interesting answer from author Margaret Muir of "Under Admiralty Orders" fame.

Why do people reply on FB but not on the blog itself?

Here is my answer:

Regarding the commenting directly on blogs: I get frustrated with some blogs that you have to log into and identify words or numbers to prove you are not a robot. Sometimes I can't even read the numbers. Then there are posts that do not appear until they are moderated by the blogger. Then you might hope for a response to your comment but never get one. Then there is the fact that probably no one other than the blogger reads your comment. In consequence, I prefer to post on FB - its quick and easy, it gets aired to other readers and often gets an instant response - albeit just a 'LIKE' from the blogger or others. It's far more satisfying and saves time.

Excellent points!  And I have to admit that I agree -- particularly when the blog is run by wordpress. Thank you, Margaret.

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Edwin King said...

Joan, you can disable the verification protocol in your setup page. I did without them a couple of years ago on my blog and have only have two or three spam messages (which can be deleted).

The other disincentive to commenting on the blog itself is that you have to visit the blog again to read the other comments, which is less convenient than getting a FB update.