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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cruise ship capital volunteers

It's a big season for cruise ships in Wellington this year, but the city has volunteers willing to give all those visiting cruisers help and advice.

One of the volunteers pictured was a big help to us, last year.

Two Americans were arriving for the day, and had clear emailed instructions to take the free shuttle to the shuttle stop in Brandon Street (opposite our flagship department store, the wonderful Kirkaldie and Stains), where we would meet them.  Instead, they arrived, and asked the way to the information booth, so were sent to Queen's Wharf.  We arrived, looked around, were accosted, and yes, said the volunteer, they did mention your name.

Well, great efforts were made, and two confused Americans were rounded up surprisingly fast.

These helpful people are called Wellington City Ambassadors, and have been meeting passengers for over four years.  Usual questions are how to get to the Weta Cave, Te Papa, Mount Victoria (for a panoramic view of the city), Wellington Zoo (that's easy -- the number 10 bus), Old St. Paul's -- a walk to the Beehive, and then a block north -- the Botanic Gardens, and the Cable Car.

Hop-on hop-off buses are popular, though I notice a lot of Australians are canny enough to buy a rover day ticket, and roam the city and suburbs by bus and train.  There have also been questions about how to find the best coffee (the best is a certain outlet at the airport, but never mind), the best bookshop (Unity, of course), and how to get certain broken things mended.  Though I am not one of the volunteers (yet) I have often been asked how to buy souvenir stamps. And my biggest recommendation is a walk about our beautiful waterfront, starting at Queen's Wharf.

And of course everyone comments about the infamous Wellington wind.  If it is a lovely calm day -- which often happens -- they ask what happened to our breezes.

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