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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nora Roberts ... and her 200th novel

This girl must be swimming in money

A full-page ad in the NYT?


Because it was the NRoberts novel # 200

Mind you, that is counting the ones with the author's name rendered as "J.D. Robb".

According to the advert, there are 400 million copies of her books in print ... and at 10% of whatever the cover price may be, that is a helluva lot of moolah.  She is definitely a millionaire.

Apparently, writing several books a year doesn't use up all her time and energy. In 2009 she and her husband opened a B&B in Boonsboro, MD.

It has eight rooms.  Each is named after a famous loving couple.  Rochester and ... ?  I guess you all guessed Jane. But Percy and Marguerite?  You have to be pretty ancient to remember The Scarlet Pimpernel, perhaps -- but it is an indication of Ms. Roberts's bookshelf. And then there is Eve and ... WHO? A couple of characters in a Roberts novel, apparently.

There's an interesting NYT story about the romantic inn.  It includes the tidbit that -- oh, dear lord -- it was opened on St. Valentine's Day.  But, as it also indicates, it's a lot more affordable than you might expect-- $220-300 a night.

And children under 12 aren't welcome. 

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