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Friday, December 23, 2022



Magnificent painting by Montague Dawson.  Sold at Bonhams for 126,300 pounds sterling.

And here is an unusual sale.  Admiral Nelson's armchair on HMS Victory, whimsically nicknamed "Emma".  Sold for £ 106,250 (US$ 128,027) inc. premium.  I find the castors quite mysterious.  Did Nelson really skim from one side of the deck to the other when the ship was tacking?

No maritime collection is complete without something depicting the Battle of Trafalgar.

Artist was Charles Edward Dixon. And it is called "Oak, Hemp and Powder". 

Sold at Bonham's for £ 62,500 (US$ 75,310) inc. premium

I find the prisoner of war bone models creepy, as they evoke such endless hours of utter boredom that have to be filled with whatever at hand.  But the results have some popularity.

It's a model of the firstrate Caledonia, and French-made, of course. 
Sold for £ 69,600 (US$ 83,865) inc. premium

And here is what I consider the Queen of the Collection, also sold by Bonhams.  It's by the iconic 18th century artist John Clevely the Elder (1712-1777).  

The flotilla of ships is led by the Royal Charlotte in company with five other royal yachts, arriving off Harwich on 6 September 1761, after conveying Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz to England for her marriage to George III

Sold for £ 112,500 (US$ 135,558) inc. premium.

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