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Friday, June 13, 2014

Scotch collops


Des escalopes de lapreaux au vin de Champagne

Take the flesh of a couple of rabbits, cut it in slices, and with a knife pat it down so as to make it very thin, rub some butter all over a large stewpan, mixt with a green onion and some parsley minced very fine, stick the meat round, and fry it a minute or two over a brisk stove, giving it a toss or two, let it lie in that till you have prepared your sauce, which must be thus done, put into a small stewpan, a ladle of cullis, a glass of Champagne, pepper, salt and nutmeg, a small quantity of such herbs as you like, and a morsel of shallot, boil it five or six minutes, and put your rabbit in, make it only boiling hot, squeeze in the juice of a lemon or orange, and serve it up.

On board the Friendship, Eleanor Reid is unlikely to have rabbits, so she would have had to buy them on shore.  Alternatively, she could have asked the steward to use chicken meat, which William Verrall assures his readers makes just as "neat" a dish.

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