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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lobster in the shell


Des ecrevisses de mer farcez dans les coquilles

Two middle-sized lobsters will do for this dish; take the tails with the soft part of the insides, and chop very small, put to it the flesh of a plaice, and pound all together, but only to mix well, grate in a little nutmeg, pepper, a spoonful of oil and vinegar, minced parsley, the soft of a bit of bread soak'd in broth or cream, a couple of eggs, stir all well together, cut the body shells in two pieces longways, trim them neatly, and fill them with your forcemeat, brush them over with a little butter and eggs, strew a few crumbs of bread over, and bake them in a slow oven about half an hour; squeeze on the juice of orange or lemon, and serve them up hot. Taste this before you put it into the shell, for it may not be salt enough. The reason of omitting this ingredient with shellfish is, they are always boiled in salt and water.

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