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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Puppy starts with K

In the newspaper recently, I read a tip for getting to sleep.  You go through the alphabet, finding an animal for each letter.  A for alligator, B for buffalo and so forth.  By the time you are stuck on X, you should be asleep.  And it is a hit in our household, as it actually works.

Now there is a real life version for you to try.

New Zealand Police have been inundated with suggestions after asking people to help them name their latest recruit - a purebred German shepherd puppy that will join the southern force.
In a Facebook post, Dunedin police have asked for names starting with the letter K.
They have received hundreds of suggestions, not all of which start with K, and will release a shortlist early next week.
The post has 10,890 likes and 982 people have shared it.
"He is so cute if he does not work out can I have him????," one person posted.
Suggestions included Kuddles, Kopper, Kipper, Kamander, Kinko, Koko, Knasher, Kdog, Krypton, Katcha, Kadett and simply K.
K9 was a popular choice and King Kong got a mention.
Kitty seemed to be a long shot.

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