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Friday, June 18, 2010


So long ago, I can't even find it, I posted hints about how to write a query letter to an agent.  Now, courtesy of Jason Boog at GalleyCat at, I enjoyed a hearty breakfast-time laugh reading a new blog, SlushPile Hell. 

It is headed, "A grumpy literary agent wades through query fails."  I believe this is misleading.  The snippets from queries and the supplied ideal answers is the product of someone with a really great sense of humor.

A couple of favorites:

I want an agent who's confident to get me a 7 figure book deal or high 6 figure deal, not some bull crap deal.

Funny, that's exactly what I say to editors when I send them a proposal.  Works every time.

I was told by someone from Simon and Schuster that having an agent is a necessity in today's market.  What do you think?

BWAHAHAHAHA!  My evil plan to brainwash all S&S employees into recommending agents to authors is working!


This is a blog I will be following ...

1 comment:

Vanda Symon said...

Ah, that was damn good. Haven't laughed so much in ages.