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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Latest Quarterdeck magazine

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Highlights from the September/October 2015 issue of Quarterdeck--

A review of Julian Stockwin's new Kydd Sea Adventure: Tyger. Also an essay from Julian and and interview with him about his favorite books.

George remembers maritime artist Tom Freeman.

An essay by Alexander Kent.

New and notable naval and historical fiction and nonfiction and-surprisingly-even a couple of books on nautical style!

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Pasha, Book 15 of the Kydd Sea Adventures is now available as a trade paperback! 

Will Kydd be forced to lay siege to the great city of Constantinople? 

Thomas Kydd and the crew of L'Aurore bid farewell to the balmy waters of the Caribbean. Once home, Kydd finds his exploits are the talk of London and he and his best friend and confidential secretary, Nicholas Renzi, must part ways for good. 

When British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, Charles Arbuthnot, reports that the French (in an attempt to secure a vital passage to India) have been whipping up anti-English sentiment and actively wooing the Turks; Kydd is sent to the Dardanelles. 

Braving treacherous currents, unreliable winds, and giant bombards, Kydd rescues the ambassador. But as the fleet waits for a response to their ultimatum, the French help strengthen Turkish defenses and an attempted coup lands Renzi in prison!

Book 15--The Kydd Sea Adventures

Tyger, Book 16 of the Kydd Sea Adventures is coming soon!

Available on, or before, October 1st as an ebook and in hardcover by November 1st-- 

The court martial of Sir Home Popham is underway at Portsmouth. When Captain Sir Thomas Kydd's sympathy for his former commanding officer's unauthorized actions in the doomed occupation of Buenos Aires becomes known, Kydd finds himself athwart some very powerful people.

At odds with the Admiralty-and with his frigate L'Aurore unfit for sea--Kydd is given a new commission that many hope will destroy his career. Tyger has recently mutinied and instead of dispersing her crew the ship is immediately pressed into service in the North Sea. 

With an untested and untrustworthy crew Kydd becomes entangled in Napoleon's invasion of Prussia and the only way for him to avoid disgrace is to gamble on a crazy mission to snatch a Prussian division out of the jaws of Napoleon's advancing army. 

Will Kydd return home once more a hero, or will he face his own court martial?

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