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Monday, May 19, 2014

Brilliant cover art

From my favorite photographer, Robert A. Schaefer

Robert wrote ...

"In June my friend Jan Clausen’s book of new poems will be published, and requested that my image Modern metal sculpture “ Homage to the Castellers” in the Barri Gotic, Barcelona, Spain be used for the cover art." 

And look at that jacket -- brilliant!

Does the poetry match it?  I will have to wait, to read, and see ....


Robert Schaefer said...

Thanks so much, as always, Joan!

Big hugs,

PS I think very seriously that the quality of the poetry will equal the quality of my image.

Robert Schaefer said...

Thanks as always, Joan!

I really feel that the quality of Jan Clausen's poetry will equal the quality of my image.

All best wishes,