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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wiki Coffin poetry competition

First there was the Booker longlist, and now there is the Wiki Coffin poetry competition!

Yesterday, I received the following very amusing post:

My Mom and I love your Wiki Coffin series and are awaiting the next installment. Last winter she left a message on my phone:

"Wiki Coffin, he's our man
Cooking fish in a frying pan.
Can he solve it?
Yes, I guess.
Wiki, Wiki, yes, yes, yes"

That about sums it up.

Cynthia Allen (daughter)Marcia Caldwell (mother & Wiki inspired poet)

Having had an equally amusing "conversation" with Cynthia and Marcia, I now have permission to post their letter and their poem -- which have inspired the competition. Who can match or outdo Marcia's ditty-making skills? All entries welcomed.

Deadline? How about the last of August?

And the prize? Not exactly Booker level, but a signed copy of Deadly Shoals must be worth something!


Vanda Symon said...

How gorgeous that Wiki Coffin has inspired poetry! That's when you know you character has got under people's skin.

World of the Written Word said...

Yes, isn't it great! It gave me a Monday morning smile.

World of the Written Word said...

Scott Baxter tells me that he is reading an excellent study on Moby Dick and some poetry based on the novel. "So when I saw on your blog a poetry contest I had to try my hand," he writes.

'From an ancient tribe in the Bay Of Isles
came one who
matched his wit and wiles

with Jack Tars from Columbia's shore
off sailing the world
new lands to explore

This one who hunted Leviathan
now serves the Yankee fleet
but his heart still beats for it's native land
his destiny to meet'