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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Terrified to go to the loo?

Were you ever scared to go to the bathroom as a child? Well, apparently you share this phobia with the people of Japan, a country where ghosts are believed to inhabit the loo.

Koji Suzuki (pictured), a successful author of horror stories (Ring has been made into a series of films), has capitalized on this in an extremely innovative way -- he has written a horror story that is printed on toilet paper.

Drop (an appropriate title, if there ever was one) is set in a public restroom, and takes up about three feet (90 cm) of the roll. The roll costs 210 yen, and is billed as "a horror experience on the toilet."

Well, at least you are at rest while you read it. What you do with it after that is best left to the imagination.
(Story from Yahoo news.)

1 comment:

Vanda Symon said...

I saw this in the Odd Stuff and just about fell over laughing. Naturally all the comments about scaring the cr*p come to mind...