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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Amazing feats of energy and commitment

At a function at the Stout Research Centre, University of Wellington, I had a chance to look at the latest by Rebecca Priestley, science writer, author of The Elegant Universe of Albert Einstein, and mother of small twins. She had no less than two new books under her arm. One, co-written with Vernoka Meduna, and published by Random House NZ, is designed to make science accessible to children. Called Atoms, dinosuars and DNA, its lavishly illustrated contents give a succinct once-over-lightly to 68 great New Zealand scientists.

The other, a handsome hardback by local Awa Press, is The Awa Book of New Zealand Science.

Both will be launched next month.

I was also delighted to have a look at a prepublication copy of the new book by Roberta McIntyre, whose Canoes of Kupe, a history of the winegrowing area of Martinborough, was shortlisted in the 2003 Montana Awards. This new one, an eagerly awaited study of the lofty agricultural stations of the South Island, is called Whose High Country? It, too, will be launched in September.

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