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Friday, July 25, 2008

World's Largest Floating Bookstore Fails to Sail

And can you blame the captain of MV Douros for deciding to linger? See the pic of the inter-island ferry above. New Zealand is being battered by a record storm, and sure could do with a few prayers!

Ron and I explored the ship on Tuesday, while the storm was building, thinking that we would have a quick look before it sailed as scheduled the next morning. They certainly do have thousands of books, many with a religious theme, and priced, most intriguingly, in "units". One hundred units is equal to four New Zealand dollars, apparently, which made many of the books a real bargain.

Have a look at for more about the ship. And for the storm:

1 comment:

World of the Written Word said...

She sailed! Yesterday there was a great series of hootings on the harbor, and when we looked, MV Doulos was on the way out. Very brave. I hope they get a good offing before the big storm arrives.