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Friday, July 4, 2008

... "a glimpse of hell"

Writer Tom Bullough, the man mistakenly announced as the winner of the Wales Book of the Year Award, confesses that the experience was "a glimpse of hell." According to extensive quotations from his blog, given in the Wales on Line report, it was a nightmare culmination to years of living on the poverty line in damp, amenity-free Welsh cottages, writing for a pittance in the wild hope of getting the award. For a delirious moment, the cup of success was lifted to his lips, only to be dashed away. The messages of sympathy must be pouring in, as his website, is down for lack of bandwidth. The culture minister feels almost as badly: it was a moment, he says, when he sincerely wished that the floor would open up beneath his feet and let him out of the room.

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