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Monday, July 13, 2015

Amazing try

I like watching rugby league, particularly when the teams are Kiwi or Australian.  It might be confrontational, but the hands are so very sure.  Miraculously so.  And the speed is amazing.  And the agility.

But I have never seen a try like this before:

Since I posted this video, there has been concern expressed that the maneouvre was dangerous -- that Friend could have landed on his head.  While rugby of whatever convention is confrontation, physical, and all that, thousands of men (and young women) play it throughout the winter without significant damage.  And, in this case, there was no deliberate pile-driving, or the lance-tackling that can turn a strong man into a quadriplegic.

What is amazing about this try, is that Friend knew exactly where everyone was standing on the pitch, and threw the ball between his legs, while upside-down, to a chosen target.  And, from there, the try was made.  Outstanding. But what is perhaps even more admirable is that the player he tipped over used his hands to steady Friend as he came down.  That was sportsmanship.

The try was repeated a lot on TV.  We watched it on the Crowd Goes Wild.  The young female reporter was game enough to try it with Field as her opposing player.  She managed it, with his help, and everyone had a good laugh. 

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