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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fifty Shades heads list of unwanted gifts

IN THE past if you received an unwanted Christmas present you would throw it in the trash, or if you were brave enough, you re-gifted it.

Now, there is another option.  All over the world online second-hand sites have been flooded by people offloading their – sometimes wacky or worrisome – burden for cash.

In the United States, one person from Merrylands rejected a car – a Rav4 manual all-wheel-drive – they received, and on Christmas Day put an ad on eBay to sell it, with a starting bid of $14,500. At the other end of the price scale on eBay was a pair of Abercrombie and Fitch men’s cargo jeans ”[size] 36 unwanted XMAS Gift” selling for $39.99, plus $16 postage.

In Britain, a poll has named the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy as the present absolutely nobody wants, while DVDs of the Olympics and how to lose weight lag behind as second and third.  (How anyone could be tactless enough to give someone a DVD of how to lose weight has me utterly mystified.)

In New Zealand, the site TradeMe has been inundated with offers to get rid of unwanted gifts, ranging from a mouth phone to a signed copy of Pam Ayres's memoir.  Embarassing lingerie choices feature large. Someone sold a $1000 Air New Zealand travel card for $727 because of "personal circumstances."

Other unwanted presents included an All Blacks shirt, a mosaic Kiwiana mirror, a mini guitar and amp, printer, lingerie, a baby blanket and a Star Wars game.

Interested in bargains?  Google "unwanted Christmas presents."


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