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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Milestone

World of the Written Word had over a thousand visitors yesterday.

Well, it's the first time I've noticed it happening, so I guess it's a milestone of a sort.

It was 1,029, to be exact.  Small beans, compared to some.  Spymouse whispers that Rick Spilman's amazing Old Salt Blog (link to the right) is hitting its ONE MILLIONTH visitor any minute now.  While World of the Written Word is still reaching for 300,000. 
It's not bad, though.  I feel chuffed about it.  And many thanks and season's greetings to all those who hit the link.
But a mystery remains.
For some time now, I have noticed that daily visitors have been in the 800-900 range.  So why the sudden little jump over the one-thousand threshold?
Blogger's statistics gave me an answer: 209 Irish men and women joined the throng.
Why this new popularity in the land of the four-leafed clover and the leprechaun?  That, indeed, is the question.

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