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Saturday, December 15, 2012

ebook sales projected to zoom

Well, it's no surprise that ebooks are slated to become still more popular

But so far, it has been a set of educated opinions.

Now, Comics Beat has come up with a prediction based on that lovely word, logarithm

It looks like drawing a line that follows a line to me, but never mind.

This is what they say:

For you number-lovers out there, and we know you are out there, here’s something a bit more speculative but still interesting. Retailer Matt Blind has used his very own arcane logarithm to calculate approximate Ebook sales numbers by dollars for the last few years. And here’s his chart, clickee for biggee. (Methodology is in the link.)

No idea if this is on target or even what it means except that…it looks like more and more ebooks will be sold! Imagine that. Blind does caution that it does not seem as if digital books have already completely cannibalized print sales.

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1 comment:

World of the Written Word said...

As a friend emailed to point out, '"Logarithm" is indeed a lovely word and a very useful mathematical concept. However, I believe that in the context of "ebook sales projected to zoom" the word should have been "algorithm," equally lovely but very different in meaning.'