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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blake's 7 returns

Remember Blake's 7?

It was a hit SF series screened in the 1970s, with iconic characters, Avon being a personal favorite

Now, more than thirty years after it disappeared from our TV screens, it is making a comeback.

A 13-part revival, described as a "revolutionary reinvention" of the BBC program, is now in development, under the aegis of Casino Royale director Martin Campbell.

The instigator is FremantleMedia International, and Joe Pokaski (CSI) is working on the scripts.

He will need to be really inventive. As I remember, the cast was completely killed off in the final episode.

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Shayne Parkinson said...

Oh, I loved that series! Avon was my favourite, too.

I saw an interview with Paul Darrow a few years ago, and he said he'd always hoped for a sequel/remake, but felt it had now effectively been done by Firefly. I do love Firefly, but Blake's Seven had its own special British charm.

Note the quirk, as seen in that logo: they omitted the apostrophe!