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Friday, September 13, 2013

Upcoming Hop

It may be Friday the Thirteenth, but we have an exciting week ahead -- the NAUTICAL BLOG HOP.

I have five different posts scheduled for each day of the Hop, all about women on whalers.  The first is about Mary Brewster, the pioneering whaling wife, and the rest are about Viola Cook's many strange sojourns in the Arctic, Sarah Gray and the cask with her husband's remains, Martha Brown, who was marooned by her husband and wreaked a very strange revenge, and "George Wheldon," the cross-dressed whaler.

V.E. Ulett, fellow author with Old Salt Press, and publisher of Captain Blackwell's Prize, says, "My post is on naval families and the best bit of research I'll never use."

Linda Collison, author of the wonderful Barbados Bound  (aka Star-Crossed ) will be writing about women disguised as men aboard ships in the age of sail -- how did they pull it off?

And the contribution by S.J. Turney is on the war galley from ancient times to the 16th century.

Prue Batten will be writing about 12th century nefs - which, she says, is the vessel of her choice (after research) for The Gisborne Saga.

Much more to come, and a great deal more to look forward to...

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