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Friday, September 20, 2013

NBH highlights

What on earth is (or was) a NEF?
Find out the really fascinating answer on Prue Batten's Nautical Blog Hop contribution:

Black Men & the Black Flag
J.M. Aucoin's equally swish-looking site features stories of blacks under sail, an echo of one of the best books in my shelves, W. Jeffrey Bolster's Black Jacks, African-American Seamen in the Age of Sail..  It has been a topic close to my heart since researching In the Wake of Madness, the story of a whaling captain who murdered one of his crewmen, 18-year-old George Babcock, a runaway slave who had found refuge in New Bedford, and thought he had gained freedom for life by going to sea.  Instead, his captain beat him to death, after months of ill usage.  Go to:

Pirates and their ships
Brian Boren has a look at pirate ships ... go to: to enjoy a really well designed site that gives you ship rigs and ship terms in a nutshell.  He has also provided neat little biographies of most of the contributors to the Nautical Blog Hop, so if you are curious, have a sneaky peep. And he is giving away books, as well!

By the sea, by the beautiful sea
The lyrical Anna Belfrage at: is also giving away a book.  She describes the challenges faced by the emigrants, who crossed the stormy and scary seas to find a new life in a new land.

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