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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Epic Bounty launch voyage recreated

Two hundred and one years later ...

"Mutiny" - the famous painting by Robert Dodd

Near the island of Tofua, April 28, 1789

“Just before sun-rising, Mr Christian, with the master at arms, gunner’s mate, and Thomas Burket, seaman, came into my cabbin while I was asleep, and seizing me tyed my hands with a cord behind my back, and threatned me with instant death if I spoke or made the least noise:  I, however, called so loud as to alarm everyone; but they had already secured the officers who were not of their party...

“The boatswain was now ordered to hoist the launch out, with a threat, if he did not do it instantly, to take care of himself ...

“Whence I concluded that with these people I was to be set adrift.”

Thus commenced the most famous small boat voyage in history, one that has now been recreated by an intrepid team.

Dave Wilkinson, Dave Price, Don McIntyre and Chris Wilde, after they completed the first authentic re-enactment of the mutiny of the bounty, arriving in West Timor 221 years after Captain Bligh
Also pictured -- Bligh's arrival in Timor.

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