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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nautical Blog Hop highlights

The Best Bit (of Research) I’ll Never Use...
Want to win a copy of E.V. Ulett's Captain Blackwell's Prize?  Visit her NBH page at and post a comment, and you might just be lucky.  While you're there, read about diaries kept by naval families.  One that she mentions is the gossipy and candid journal kept by Betsy Wynne Fremantle, who sailed with her husband on the frigate Inconstant (pictured above), and nursed Horatio Nelson after he lost his right arm.  Betsy is definitely one of my favorites, so enjoy.

On Smugglers, Free Traders and other Fake Heroes...
Alaric Bond, author of the stirring Fighting Sail series, writes about smuggling and smugglers.  Read the racy details of this over-romanticized trade at

One Long Blast - Vessel Getting Underway!
Want to win a copy of James L. Nelson's very well-received Viking blood-stirrer, Fin Gall?  Hop over to his NBH blog at   To tell the truth, and just between you and me, I am not quite sure what he is talking about on his post, or why his address is "uk," either, as I know perfectly well that Jim lives in Maine, because I have visited him there, but as always, he's well worth reading because he is hugely entertaining.  Actually, it encapsulates an excellent piece of advice --  If you think, "Boy this is going to be boring," before you start writing, don't write it.  Your audience will be bored, too.  And Jim is never, ever boring.

The Wonders of Bronze Age Shipwrecks
If you would like to be fascinated, and learn something too, hop over to Judith Starkston's page at  Beautifully illustrated, and very informative.



V.E. Ulett said...

Beautiful illustration by Ron Druett of Inconstant

Helen Hollick said...

loved this! Thank you!