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Thursday, September 5, 2013

School Journal endangered

For 79 years, the School Journal has been a familiar sight for generations of Kiwi children

The School Journal was first published by the Ministry of Education in 1907

In 1939 the School Publications branch was founded, its flagship publication being the School Journal

Great names, such as Margaret Mahy, founded their writing careers by publishing stories in the School Journal  (Though not a Great Name, I wrote a story or two for the School Journal myself.)

In 1989 the School Publications branch changed its name to Learning Media, and began selling books in the United States

Since then, Learning Media has helped educate children in Canada, Europe, Singapore, Australia, and throughout the Pacific.  Its international client list has included UNICEF

And now, the government, in its wisdom, is shutting shop at Learning Media.

Why is it going, and taking the School Journal with it?

Because Learning Media lost its exclusive contract with the Ministry of Education last year, and has consequently run out of money.

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