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Sunday, July 22, 2012


A new meaning for the word

A friend gave me a hint today ... about what to do if your cat(s) bring(s) in rats.

Hopefully, they are dead rats.  Well, what you do is dig a hole under your lemon tree. Put the dead rat(s) inside, cover it with dirt, and top it with a stone (presumably in case the rat comes to life and makes a break for it).

It takes 15 days, she says, for a lemon tree to digest a rat. 

After that, when you are presented with dead rats, go to the old hole, where there will be just a skeleton, deposit the fresh cadaver(s), cover them with dirt, and put a stone on top.

She said that the lemon tree really flourishes on a rat diet.

And, she added, it gives a new meaning to the world "ratatouille."

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