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Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Indie author on NYT bestseller list

Self-pub debut hits jackpot

The NYT bestselling fiction (print and eBook) has a new name

There are only two Indie authors on the list this week.  One is Jennifer Probst, whose Marriage Bargain is still selling well, and is listed at number 12.  And then there is Colleen Hoover (pictured) who has not one, but two books listed: Slammed, at number 15, and Point of Retreat at number 33.

Predictably, they are also doing well on Amazon, Slammed being the 15th bestselling paid Kindle book, and and Point of Retreat the 23rd. Also predictably, the books are romances.

So, how has this young Texan mother and wife managed to achieve success so quickly?

 Through social media, apparently.  Colleen Hoover runs a very lively website, which is basically a fast-moving blog, with ebullient subject lines like "Holy Butterflying Crap."  She's also prominent on FaceBook, with 2414 likes.

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