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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Indies on the NYT bestseller list

An energetic showing

On the New York Times bestseller list this weekend, three well established Indie authors maintain their ratings, while a newbie rides the erotica wave

Colleen Hoover's Slammed is at slot 11, up from slot 15

Jennifer Probst's Marriage Bargain has dropped only one slot from last week's report, now at 13th

Bella Andre, who has made such a stir with her lively romances, has three slots, at 29, 31, 32

And then there is the new name (to me) -- Lyla Sinclair, with her erotic novel, Training Tessa

It actually sounds a riot -- if you have the stomach for bondage, punishment, and really dirty sex, a real harking back to the pornography that was furtively read by those naughty nineteenth century Victorians.

Having lost her job when her employers went out of business, as happens so often these days, Tessa Greer heads to Houston, where she finds a position as receptionist with the Maddox Brothers ... who turn out to have creative ways of punishing her for small lapses, punishments that she finds unbearably exciting.

What I find screamingly funny is the cautionary message on the smashwords site:

Content Warning: Not for readers offended by fantasy inappropriate office behavior. Like many Lyla Sinclair stories, this novella contains various BDSM elements, including domination, restraint, corporal punishment, anal sex as well as unconventional use of office supplies.

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