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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The most unauthorized autobiography ever?

WikiLeaks founder furious about unauthorized autobiography

Back in March this year, the first draft of Julian Assange’s autobiography was delivered to British publisher Canongate. Of course it was accepted – but between submission and acceptance, Assange changed his mind.

Canongate admit that Assange tried to stop its publication, but said they are proud to publish the “passionate, provocative and opinionated” book.

Assange has condemned their actions, saying that Canongate acted in breach of contract, and, what’s more, had personally assured him that they would not publish the draft.

“This book was meant to be about my life’s struggle for justice through access to knowledge. It has turned into something else,” said Assange.

“The events surrounding its unauthorised publication by Canongate are not about freedom of information. They are about old-fashioned opportunism and duplicity – screwing people over to make a buck.”

The book, based on conversations Assange had with ghost writer Andrew O’Hagain, and called Julian Assange: The Unauthorised Autobiography, arrived in British bookstores this week.

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